Sales and marketing strategy

Getting your sales and marketing strategy right is the starting point for all your activities.

It's your strategy that sets your overall direction and helps to makes everything else clear. It typically defines your mission and goals; your expert niche or positioning; your customer groups; how and why you're unique and different from your competitors. For some firms, company culture and values are a vital part of their strategy.

I often work with Hampshire-based clients to draft their B2B sales and marketing strategy, and it’s a very collaborative process. You know everything about your company, but I don’t (yet) – so my first task is to understand you as deeply and clearly as possible, in a very short space of time. To do that I ask a lot of questions (and I mean a LOT of questions). These are usually carried out in workshop style meetings with the directors or senior management team. I use an active listening style.

  • Who are you to your customers?
  • Where do you really add the most value to them?
  • When and where do you do your best work?
  • Which clients, projects or services are most profitable – and why?
  • What’s truly unique about you?
  • What are your competitors doing / where are they going?
  • Where is the best place to focus on growing your business?

With those answers in hand, I go away and reflect on what I’ve heard and learnt. We may agree that I do some research into your markets and competitors, or perhaps your customers and target audience. This lets us look deeper into the environment you’re doing business in, in order to see the bigger picture – or to look for new opportunities outside of your existing markets.

Clarity in a B2B sales and marketing strategy

Once we’ve got all the information I need, my most difficult task is to define and clarify your sales and marketing strategy. This is entirely unique to you and your business, and needs to reflect where exactly you want to get to, in a realistic and doable way.

None of this is rocket science. All of this can all be done by you, internally. (Here’s a post on to get you started if you’re in DIY mode.) But when heads are down delivering client work to a high standard, it’s really tough to find time to work on your business instead of in it.

That’s where I come in. My focus, my objectivity and my experience are what I bring to your firm to help you get your B2B sales and marketing strategy in place and ready to action.


Am I the right person to help?

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