Sales and marketing services

Not every firm has sales or marketing skills in house. Especially small businesses. They are often specialists or experts in their own field. They are usually heads down, busy looking after their own clients.

But all of my clients do want to build their business. They'd like to become better known in their industry. They want more customers. Customers that are profitable and a pleasure to work with. Customers that pay the bills on time because they've found their perfect supplier. A well-planned sales and marketing strategy gets you there.

I provide sales and marketing services, support and consultancy to small businesses in Hampshire and surrounding counties. I’m freelance and flexible. I can work remotely with you, or on site, or a mixture of both.

Some clients I work regularly with – from one to six days per month – whilst others want support on a project by project basis. A sales and marketing strategy drafted; market and competitor research carried out; mission and values determined; sales and marketing audit completed; new B2B industry alliances created.

Need a part-time Sales and Marketing Director?

I have long-term relationships with my clients, where they think of me as their own flexible, outsourced, part-time Sales and Marketing Director. One who gets to know their business inside out, working as an advocate and referrer as well as a resource. And one whose involvement can be dialled up or down according to other business priorities, timescales and budgets.

Am I the right person?

If you run a small business in Hampshire or on the South Coast, sell products and services business-to-business (B2B), and want some form of flexible, grown-up sales and marketing support, I may be a good fit.

The best thing for you to do next – if now you’re wondering what I’m actually like – is to have a read of one or two of the articles in my Blog. You’ll get a better idea of where my strongest expertise is, how I tend to work and a feel for what I’m like as a person.

What next?

Even easier and quicker than that is to call me on 07827 297569 for a chat. 

Or we can have a Skype or Zoom call – if you’d rather see the whites of my eyes or my unbrushed, working-from-home-today hair, but friendly smile.

Am I the right person to help?

You might not be sure if I’m the right person to work with you, or not. So call me now on 07827 297569 for a chat and you’ll be more sure, either way. Our fit should be very important to both of us !

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