Coaching and mentoring

You may have a marketing executive or business development resource in your team already. They may be a brand-new hire, or an experienced hand, familiar with the company and its services. Or you might be thinking about recruiting someone junior. Someone to develop and take on your firm's sales and marketing.

Whichever situation you're in, a B2B sales and marketing mentor like me can help. I can kick-start your sales and marketing strategy and run a particular project. Or help guide and advise your internal resources on a light touch, ongoing basis.

One common scenario is that my SME client wants a clear and defined marketing strategy to action internally, or an agreed sales approach to deliver against. But their marketing executive might be new to B2B marketing – having come from a B2C background. Or perhaps their business development resource gained their sales experience in a very different sector. This leaves them with a skills gap to fill, but not one they want to recruit for.

Or a client may have a superb account manager who’s just been given responsibility for bringing in new business, but needs to hit the ground running as quickly as possible.

Flexible sales and marketing mentoring grows in-house capability

Any of these reasons might have you considering a sales and marketing mentor for a member of your team. I’m a flexible ad-hoc or retained resource that can do just that. I mentor, guide and support, remotely or internally as needed.

If you have someone you think might benefit from a sales and marketing mentor, they might enjoy reading this post of mine. It’s all about the top ten mistakes I’ve made in the past – written to help anyone else avoid them !

It will also give them – and you – a good idea of what I might be like to work with.

Am I the right person to help?

You might not be sure if I’m the right person to work with you, or not. So call me now on 07827 297569 for a chat and you’ll be more sure, either way. Our fit should be very important to both of us !

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