Sales and marketing audit

Perhaps business has been bumpy recently. A major client has left, there have been wider changes in your sector or new competitors have arrived. You want to be confident that your current sales and marketing strategy is right for you. Or maybe business is just fine, but your direction has shifted to faster growth and it's time for a sales and marketing audit to see where to make changes.

Whatever the reason, you’ve got reservations about your sales and marketing operations, and want to do a sanity check.

I don’t believe a B2B sales and marketing audit has to be a protracted process. It really doesn’t. Especially if you’re an SME. With a good bit of probing around a set of specific questions – and a lot of honest answers – you’ll soon get a view on whether your sales and marketing is fit for purpose.

It’s a much harder job to stay objective, especially if whoever is carrying out the review is responsible for the current approach. It’s also useful to benchmark against what other companies like yours do, or to compare your plans to best practice. That’s much harder to do if sales and marketing isn’t your own area, or when you’re head down looking after existing clients and all their various and multifarious demands.

B2B sales and marketing audit – what it is, and what it isn’t

The aim of this audit is to find out if your sales and marketing strategy is right. Right for where you are now, and right for where you want to get to.

At this stage, it’s not a review of whether leaflets should be green or purple, or whether the specific keywords you’ve been using for your SEO are accurate. Some of those decisions may crop up later when you look at the tactics which support the strategy. For now, you want to find out if your overall direction is right.

How the audit works

I’ll sit down with the directors or management team and facilitate a deep dive into your current approach. This is simpler than it sounds and is effectively a very open Q & A session. If you’d like more detail on the type of questions I ask, or want to try a DIY approach, then this post is a good starting place.

Am I the right person to help?

You might not be sure whether I’m the right person to work with you. Call me now on 07827 297569 for an open, ten minute conversation and you’ll be more sure, either way. Our fit is the most important thing.

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