Market and competitor research

Looking after clients keeps you busy. You are head down, delivering what they want. Researching possible new markets, monitoring competitors - those feel like projects you haven't got time for. You dip into it when you get the chance, or ask an intern or junior exec to do what they can.

But you know how valuable this knowledge is. And if you want to grow, to build the firm up to the next stage - it's not just valuable, it's vital. B2B market and competitor research may be time-consuming, but without it, you could be left behind.

Market research is the starting point. Nothing stands still, especially business.

  • How confident are you that you aren’t missing out in a sector or a new region – or that demand for your services hasn’t changed significantly since you began offering them?
  • Might the volume of companies you could work with altered – up or down – and if so, why?
  • What’s happening at the cutting-edge of your industry – and how could you be even a small part of that?
  • How does your pricing compare to competitors or industry averages?

Competitor and market research keeps you relevant

Just because you’re not the UK market leader in your space doesn’t just mean you aren’t a successful business. Keeping a very beady eye on your competitors – especially the ones leading the way – lets you see what they’re up to.

  • How do they position themselves – and why?
  • What new products and services are they focusing on?
  • What events are they going to, to attract new clients?
  • How is their content / inbound marketing looking?

Their approach may not be right for you, but there is a lot of value to be gained and ideas to be generated from competitor research.

Most of the work I do on behalf of my own B2B clients starts with some form of research. The need for research quickly becomes clear if I’m asking my client a lot of questions that we have no real answers to.

I then plan and carry out the research to get the answers we need to be able to make decisions, or to build up an appropriate B2B sales and marketing strategy. 

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