B2B customer research

B2B customer research can and should play a significant part in your sales and marketing strategy. Its power to strengthen existing client relationships is often underestimated - as is its power to give clear direction to improve your sales and marketing.

There are always questions you'd love to ask your clients - and get really honest answers to. But in order to get those open, honest and useful answers, you're not always the right person to be asking them. That's where I come in.

Wouldn’t you love to know what your clients might say to these questions?

  1. Which (relevant) areas are you most likely to be outsourcing in the next 1-3 years? And which, therefore, would you be most likely to grow in-house?
  2. Which of our current products or services would you ideally see us develop or expand, to suit your own growth plans?
  3. What would you like us to be able to do this time next year, that we don’t do at the moment?
  4. What do you think some of our competitors do better than us right now? And why?
  5. What situation would encourage or trigger you to think of referring us to a contact of yours?

Asking these types of questions gives you the chance to understand what you are doing really well, and where you can improve. The critical point is to then act on making those improvements.

You will get the insight and tools you need to build a much stronger sales and marketing strategy. One built on evidence and client demand, as well as on your own intuition.

For example, just understanding why, how and when different clients might refer you to a contact of theirs can give you the insight and knowledge to create an effective referral campaign as part of your sales strategy.

B2B customer research is often overlooked. Your competitor quite probably isn’t doing it. Why aren’t you?

Am I the right person to help?

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