Kim Mason - Sales & Marketing Consultant

About Me

I am a B2B sales and marketing consultant, based in Hampshire. Over the past four and a half years I’ve worked with over 25 different SMEs. Through this and earlier in-house experiences, I’ve directly witnessed the effect of strong, appropriate positioning (or niche) on sales growth. (Find out if your firm is well positioned here).


Sow now I work with small businesses in or near Hampshire to help them get more of their ideal clients, starting from their positioning. I’m focused on B2B companies because that is where almost all my experience lies.

Having left a sensible job as Business Development Director for a South Coast marketing agency in November 2014, I decided to go freelance for two reasons.

I wanted to directly offer B2B sales and marketing support to Hampshire SMEs on a flexible, freelance basis. I made so many mistakes in my earliest years in sales – and learnt so much – I didn’t want other firms to have to go through that themselves.

The second reason was that I wanted to create a website that provided advice and resources for people who were in the same situation as I was twelve years ago. That situation was finding myself newly responsible for sales and marketing in a company that knew very little about sales, despite the fact that it was a marketing agency.

Life before freelancing

My life before freelancing (LBF) was spent in a million ways. The most sensible and recent were the past twelve years accumulated in marketing, account management, new business and business development roles. Before that there was – in no particular order – teaching sailing, TV production, packing seaweed, studying molecular biology and genetics, scheduling for Channel 5, audio typing, café waitressing, fundraising and parenting.

So that’s me. Bit of a longer blurb than I planned, but if you go on to read any of my blogs it might be useful to see it in context.

Explaining what I do (boring blurb in sales and marketing speak)

I’m working on saying all this in a much more me kind of way. But heck, I’m not a copywriter…. So here goes.

My official (and really very dry) 12 second blurb is that I help businesses position and market themselves in the best possible way to develop a healthy and qualified long term pipeline which leads to them acquiring more of the right customers. For me, the right customers are those that are a good fit, profitable and, importantly, the people you can do the best job for.

What I do in bullet points (easy reading)

Here’s the last bit of sensible stuff about which services I can provide my clients with at All things new biz – in case you, a colleague or a business you know needs help with your sales and marketing.

What I don’t do (but my wonderful network does)

Finally I’d like to explain to you what I don’t personally do, but can get done for you or alongside you using a network of lovely people and businesses that I’ve worked with over the years, come to know very well, and trust to do the job right.

  • Marketing executive work, carrying out the detailed tactics
  • Branding, creative and graphic design (I can’t draw for toffee, nor for money)
  • Website branding, design and development (ditto coding)
  • Content generation, professional copywriting and blogging (I write some LinkedIn and topline stuff for some clients, but that’s about it)
  • Telemarketing, direct lead generation and appointment setting
  • Social media specialists – Facebook, Adwords (I do the odd profile and content plan in LinkedIn)
  • SEO (content and technical)

Well, that’s me and my network. Call me on 07827 297569 if you have any questions about sales or marketing in general, about me, or if you’d like to get in touch with someone in my network.

Am I the right person to help?

You might not be sure whether I’m the right person to work with you. Call me now on 07827 297569 for an open, ten minute conversation and you’ll be more sure, either way. Our fit is the most important thing.

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