Sales & marketing guides for SMEs

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I remember times when I was so, so completely stuck. Stuck with no real pipeline of new clients. Stuck with big theoretical ideas for integrated marketing plans, but with no realistic approach for smaller businesses with smaller budgets. Stuck for ideas and inspiration on ways to tackle new business overall. Stuck with how to identify and explain who we really were and what we were best at.


In fact, if I think about it, I’ve been stuck on every single area of sales and marketing at some point in time. So I’ve put together these mini sales and marketing guides. For people who want to be less stuck and boost their confidence to simply crack on with stuff.


Download the guide that interests you, grab a cup of whatever takes your fancy, flop in a comfy chair, and have a read. What’s the worst that can happen?

When to start winning new clients (and when not to)

Winning new work and new clients is of course top of the list of priorities for any business. So, as business owners and entrepreneurs, we should all be great at it right?

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Get clear on your positioning, mission and messaging

Positioning, mission and message. These are some of the most important aspects of business growth. The fundamentals and foundation of what you do. But often one of the most neglected too.

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How to attract new clients without the hard sell

If selling is a bit of dirty word in your world then this is the perfect guide for you. But even if you love the idea of a hard-fought sale (but are struggling to get the results you need) this is still the right guide for you.

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Business development – how to plan and useful templates

So, you’ve reviewed your 'How to get new business plan' and come up short. Or perhaps you haven’t even got that far and actually, you just want a look at someone else’s business development plan to get you started? Some inspiration and ideas to get you going?

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A guide to alternative ways to bring in new business

Let’s get one thing straight. This isn’t an 'instant fix, double your list and swell your pipeline in a day' kind of guide. Such things are a myth however persuasive the copy. Nor is it a whizzy new marketing gimmick that will have you digging deep for expensive software. This is useful stuff.

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Inbound & outbound marketing, thought leadership and LinkedIn

You know already how important marketing is. But knowing when to start, where to start and what you should be doing is a job in itself. Marketing jargon and a myriad of options all promising fantastic results only muddies the waters.

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What to think about BEFORE you hire that web developer

I’m not a techy or a website expert, but I can help with your website. From whether you really need one and what to say, right down to planning some of the detail. Your website is the backbone of your business, so let’s get it right...from the start.

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Get out there and find new clients – a how to guide

Fear not! I am about to suggest that you get out there and start attending networking events, exhibitions and other sales events. But I’m going to show you how to do it in a way that is a) painless, b) helpful – no selling or cringing with awkward embarrassment and c) super effective.

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Four common problems to avoid in getting new clients

Ever been stumped when a prospect asks, “Why should we use you”? Or had a hot prospect disappear off your radar just when you thought they were about to buy? Ever found yourself under pressure to drop your prices or quizzing your telemarketer on why meetings don't turn into sales?

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My top sales and marketing mistakes – and how NOT to repeat them

My top mistakes explained - so you don't repeat them ! Maybe you’ve invested in marketing activities you knew a bit about, but they’ve turned up nothing. Or you’ve hired a big-hitting sales resource, but have a feeling they're approaching it in the wrong way.

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