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What to do when your hottest prospect disappears?

Author: Kim Mason   |   Date: 23rd April 2015
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You know the one. Great client prospect, hot project, then radio silence…. You made contact a while ago, met several times and they’ve been to two of your events. You feel sure the fit is good, they’re the right client for you, and you are the right supplier for them. You very recently had the in-depth one-to-one conversation about solving a sticky…

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Be client curious – improve your client development to win more business

Author: Kim Mason   |   Date: 16th March 2015
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Having written about why it’s so important to focus on acquiring new business when you’re profitable – and by new business I mean clients you’ve never worked with before – it seemed like time to write about client development, and share a surprisingly effective and simple tip on how to improve it. Client development should be ongoing, continual and as…

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Converting cold prospects into warm leads (with confidence)

Author: Kim Mason   |   Date: 5th March 2015
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One of my clients asked me yesterday if I could help her specifically with converting cold prospects into warm leads. I’ve been working with her business for a few months around their wider marketing and new business strategy – and the question came up as we’re about to move into the tactical stage. Her actual question – verbatim – was this. “Might you be…

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Focus on new business when you’re profitable (not desperate).

Author: Kim Mason   |   Date: 4th February 2015
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One of the first things I learnt is that businesses often start focusing on acquiring new business far too late. Don’t wait till it’s an emergency. Too late is when one client is responsible for over 50% – or even over 75% – of your total revenue, and after years of plain sailing, there’s a glitch in the relationship and you have…

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