Does this sound like you?

It’s very important to me that my clients feel that I’m a good fit for their business. In exactly the same way that I believe it’s very important that I help my clients get more of the right new clients for them.


I am best for….. an SME of between £200k and £3m turnover selling high value services or products business to business (B2B). You’re based in Hampshire or the surrounding counties and you would really, really like to attract more of the right, profitable, good-fit customers.

Have a read of the statements below. If one or two reflect your business and how you feel, chances are that we’re a good fit. If all of them do, then perhaps it’s time to talk. (And do check out this quick sales and marketing audit, it might be useful in helping you easily assess how well you are doing with your current new business strategy.)

Do you relate to any of these statements?

If these statements reflect the way you are thinking, the chances are high that I can help.

  1. You know you can’t put off properly planning your sales and marketing for too much longer or the firm will suffer
  2. You know you need to build a regular pipeline of prospects because you can’t rely on referrals producing enough business
  3. Word of mouth and referrals are great, but the clients you get aren’t always the ones that take you in the right direction
  4. You know the right clients are out there, but you’re not confident you’re getting in front of enough of them
  5. You are fairly sure that if you did an objective audit of your sales and marketing strategy, it would be found wanting.
  6. You’re not even sure you’re good at explaining yourself clearly to the ones you do find!
  7. You’ve seen some of the stuff your competitors are doing – online, at events, creating alliances – and you now feel worried or left behind
  8. You know you need to invest money to get new business, but you’re not sure where to start
  9. You’re not sure that leaping straight into tactical marketing (new website, telemarketing, Google AdWords) is the right approach
  10. You know that it won’t be a short term fix and it’ll take time to get it to where you want it to be

Who am I a really good fit for?

Business owners and directors come to me for help – help to get their new business, sales and marketing back on track. Or onto a track that it’s never been on before. And it’s almost always because they are determined. Determined to survive, determined to grow or determined to become more profitable. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. Or to know who to work with to help you. So…

B2B sales and marketing support in return for a cup of tea and biscuits

I’m happy to have a long chat about where you are now with your sales and marketing – all on the basis of a cup of tea, and I’ll offer any useful insight or suggestions as we go. If you offer me biscuits as well, we can usually get to the stage of scribbling down some starting points on a flipchart.

If that all makes sense, then you’ll have an idea of how I work (and whether it might suit you), and I’ll know whether or not I can help you. If I don’t think I can help you, I promise I will tell you. And then I will try to point you in the direction of someone who can. If I believe I can help you, I’ll also tell you that, and we can have a think about working together.

If you’re wondering what I’m like and whether I’m a good fit in terms of personality, I suggest you have a read of a few of my posts on sales and marketing. I write them all myself – and because I write a lot like I talk, and work, you’ll get a better idea from those of whether we might fit. Hopefully the articles will give you some ideas, food for thought, or just be plain useful too!

Can I help you – and am I the right person?

You might not be at all sure whether your business needs the type of help I can offer. You might not be at all sure whether I’m the right person to work with, on a personal level. I can guarantee that if you call me and we have a decent, open, ten minute conversation, you’ll be more sure, either way. Absolutely nothing to lose!

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