You might be wondering about working with me.
You might be wondering whether to call or email me with a question or two about how I work.
You might just have a question about sales and marketing (that’s fine too).

Call and speak to me on 07827 297569

I love ‘phone calls. Even a short chat can soon make it clear for both of us whether it’s worth taking the time to meet, in person or through Skype/Zoom, or to book in a longer call. If I’m not a good fit to help you, I will also quickly refer you to someone who I think will be a better resource.

And if I’m with a client, driving without hands-free, walking the dog in a gale, or heads down in a big bit of work, my ‘phone will take you to voicemail and you can simply leave me a message asking me to call you back.

Or email me on

If ‘phones are less your thing, an email with your ‘phone number in will do as good a job, and I will call you back as soon as I can. Or pop a time for me to call you back in the email, and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

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Mobile: 07827 297569
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