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Author: Kim Mason   |   Date: 23rd June 2015   |  Tags: , , ,

According to this recent article from the BBC; the Federation of Small Businesses has seen a “robust” improvement in small business confidence, suggesting the sector overall is in for a period of growth.

Happy days: SME confidenceThe FSB statistics are telling us that nearly two thirds (65.3%) of small businesses are aspiring to grow moderately or rapidly in the next three months – the highest figure ever seen by the index.

This is something I’m definitely seeing reflected in my own business conversations and, as one of those SME businesses – I can also vouch for the fact that I’m one of the optimistic majority!

SME’s focusing on business development and growth

From my own perspective, I’m seeing increased confidence in two ways:

  1. Clients, prospects and other small businesses in my network are all sounding optimistic. By that I mean that they are talking about growth, they are planning their sales & marketing activities and they are keen to resource – both in and out of house – to help them grow. The conversations are upbeat and they are actively seeking investment, co-founders, marketing resources and loans.
  2. People are also investing more than ever in the thinking and planning stages of their growth, and not just in the activity. Their optimism about business is extending to the belief that if they get the thinking right, then the rest will follow. This definitely takes courage – and a belief that the right customers are out there, are spending their money, and are open to communication with new suppliers.

Sales and marketing a priority for SMEs

For me? I’m seeing high levels of engagement with my blogs and Linked In posts – comments, messages and even a phone call in direct (and immediate!) response to my post “What to do when your hottest prospect disappears”.

In my networking groups, I’m offering regular 1-1 sessions to a whole host of businesses – many of which have been recently set-up, and most of which are short of marketing and sales experience themselves.

Three of my currently active clients and prospects are start-up businesses looking for input with a market testing or go-to-market strategy – and I think three is a particularly high ratio, bearing in mind I’ve only been freelance since January 2015 (!) and right now I have a small, but perfectly formed, client list 🙂

So, it’s good to hear that small business confidence is on the rise. Based on the conversations I am having with a wide range of SMEs, I would agree. Let me know what you think.

On a final note…

Looking for help with your sales and marketing?

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