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Hello, I'm Kim Mason - a freelance sales and marketing consultant based in Hampshire.   Scroll down for a quick glance at the sales and marketing services I offer for small businesses. Or have a look at some of my (hopefully) useful articles on sales and marketing to get a feel for how I think and work. Or download one of my mini-guides for a longer, learning-based read.

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Sales and marketing strategy

Getting your sales and marketing strategy right is the starting point for all your activities.

It's your strategy that sets your overall direction and helps to makes everything else clear. It typically defines your mission and goals; your expert niche or positioning; your customer groups; how and why you're unique and different from your competitors. For some firms, company culture and values are a vital part of their strategy.

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Sales and marketing services

Not every firm has sales or marketing skills in house. Especially small businesses. They are often specialists or experts in their own field. They are usually heads down, busy looking after their own clients.

But all of my clients do want to build their business. They'd like to become better known in their industry. They want more customers. Customers that are profitable and a pleasure to work with. Customers that pay the bills on time because they've found their perfect supplier. A well-planned sales and marketing strategy gets you there.

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Coaching and mentoring

You may have a marketing executive or business development resource in your team already. They may be a brand-new hire, or an experienced hand, familiar with the company and its services. Or you might be thinking about recruiting someone junior. Someone to develop and take on your firm's sales and marketing.

Whichever situation you're in, a B2B sales and marketing mentor like me can help. I can kick-start your sales and marketing strategy and run a particular project. Or help guide and advise your internal resources on a light touch, ongoing basis.

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Why good follow-up is so important after an event

Author: Kim Mason
Date: 4th February 2019
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This is going to be my shortest article ever. (Phew!) When you have been to a B2B event – with marketing or sales in mind – it can be a success, a failure, or (most commonly) somewhere in-between. However you choose to measure its success. But there is one thing you can do which I think matters more than everything….

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Keeping prospects happy when you’re too busy to take them on

Author: Kim Mason
Date: 18th January 2019
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The other day I rang a tree surgeon company to find the the price to cut back three trees looming over the front of our house. (Don’t worry, this does lead somewhere). His reply was quick, and with a sigh. “I can’t do that till at least the end of March. I’m short of staff and really very busy” “Oh, well.” I…

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Upsell: hate the word – but know it makes complete sense?

Author: Kim Mason
Date: 4th December 2017
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Personally, I think upsell is a horrible word. Just horrible.  But I also know that actually doing it can make a real difference to business growth. In my mind, the word upsell conjures up images of a greasy-haired salesman (with pound signs in his eyes instead of pupils) following me around with a sickly grin and a wheedling tone… “Now let’s…

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Free sales & marketing guides for SMEs

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My top sales and marketing mistakes – and how NOT to repeat them

My top mistakes explained - so you don't repeat them ! Maybe you’ve invested in marketing activities you knew a bit about, but they’ve turned up nothing. Or you’ve hired a big-hitting sales resource, but have a feeling they're approaching it in the wrong way.

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Business development – how to plan and useful templates

So, you’ve reviewed your 'How to get new business plan' and come up short. Or perhaps you haven’t even got that far and actually, you just want a look at someone else’s business development plan to get you started? Some inspiration and ideas to get you going?

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A guide to alternative ways to bring in new business

Let’s get one thing straight. This isn’t an 'instant fix, double your list and swell your pipeline in a day' kind of guide. Such things are a myth however persuasive the copy. Nor is it a whizzy new marketing gimmick that will have you digging deep for expensive software. This is useful stuff.

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