What others have to say…

My lovely clients and people who’ve come along to my workshops have had this to say about me….. (Click on See all our feedback to view all of it).


So, how can I can help with your business development?

  1. You’ve reached a crossroads in the business. Things are OK, but could be better; ticking over, but not really going anywhere in particular. You have choices but aren’t sure where to start. My input can help you tackle new markets, develop a truly niche positioning or unleash new sales and marketing campaigns.
  2. You’re struggling to stand out and are feeling a bit left behind. There are quite a few other firms that do generally what you do – although you’re all a bit different – but some of them seem to be a lot more active than you are now. Speaking at events, running workshops, publishing original work, writing ebooks… that sort of thing. You know this is the type of stuff you should be doing, and now is the time to start.
  3. You and your business can get as much input as you need or want from an experienced New Business Director / Sales and Marketing Director without having to recruit or increase your overheads. We can work together to get a specific job done (build a sales and marketing strategy) or you could hire me 2 days a week for 24 months.
  4. After the first chunk of input, we can always pause and decide whether we both want to carry on working with each other. No difficult conversations and absolutely no hard feelings. Sometimes people and businesses just aren’t the right fit for each other, and that’s fine.

Where I work – and where I don’t

I’m based in Hampshire and can work with companies in and around the South Coast, the Southern home counties and some in London.

You and I might be the perfect fit, but if you’re a business based in Hull – and I’m not saying it isn’t a lovely place to live and work – I’m very unlikely to be a cost effective resource for you.