About me

How I got into new business development

Here’s a bit of background to All things new biz and to me, Kim Mason.

Having left a sensible job as Business Development Director in November 2014, I set up All things new biz for two reasons.

I wanted to create a website that provided advice and resources for people who were in the same situation as I was eleven years ago. That situation was finding myself newly responsible for generating all new business in an organisation that knew very little about it, despite the fact that it was a marketing agency.

And I knew nothing either. Yikes.

On top of that, twelve years ago people just weren’t sharing knowledge in the way they are now.

Yes, I could go on a sales course, learn the theory, research best practice etc. etc. but that wasn’t my style and we really didn’t have the time to do it that way.

So I made a lot of mistakes, learnt a lot of things, tried to avoid making the same mistakes again, and carried on learning.

It was painful at times, for both me and the business I was working in – but we got better and better at it. We succeeded in positioning ourselves as a thought leader in our chosen sector and in building a strong, sustainable and profitable new client base.

Kim Mason All things new biz
Kim Mason

And the second reason for setting up All things new biz?

I needed to earn a living which came with maximum flexibility to look after two small boys – and so decided to set up as a freelance new business consultant.

Gone in an instant were the dreary commute and various navel-gazing management meetings, to be replaced by wondering how to learn WordPress in a week, bookkeeping in a day and the (more-often-than-not) joy of walking the kids to school every day down the little footpath and past the village church.

I started off with a title of New Business Consultant, but it felt a bit sharp-suited and pompous to me.

As I help SMEs acquire new business by advising, thinking, planning, setting stuff up and implementing things, I now tend to use sentences more like that, as my title.

Life before freelancing

My life before freelancing (LBF) was spent in a million ways.

The most sensible and recent were the past twelve years accumulated in marketing, account management, new business and business development roles.

Before that there was – in no particular order – teaching sailing, TV production, packing seaweed, studying molecular biology and genetics, scheduling for Channel 5, audio typing, café waitressing, fundraising and parenting.

So that’s me. Bit of a longer blurb than I planned, but if you go on to read any of my blogs it might be useful to see it in context.

Explaining what I do (boring blurb in sales and marketing speak)

I’m working on saying all this in a much more me kind of way. But heck, I’m not a copywriter….

So here goes.

My official (and really very dry) 12 second blurb is that I help businesses position and market themselves in the best possible way to develop a healthy and qualified long term pipeline which leads to them acquiring more of the right customers.

For me, the right customers are those that are a good fit, profitable and, importantly, a pleasure to work with.

What I do in bullet points (easy reading)

Here’s the last bit of sensible stuff about which services I can provide my clients with at All things new biz – in case you, a colleague or a business you know needs help with your sales and marketing.

Oh, and this probably helps my website with all the SEO stuff :-).

Workshops, talks and presentations

I also give talks and run workshops on the topics I blog on – so if you’re looking for a speaker for your networking group, business forum or the like, then give me a call.

My last one was: Positioning – and why your marketing efforts could fail if you don’t get it right, and was hosted by the lovely co-working space that is the Workstead, Winchester.

My next two are on LinkedIn – and how to use it for business development. One is hosted at the Workstead, and the second is for the networking group Southern Entrepreneurs.

Here’s what other people say about me

My clients, and various people who have come along to my workshops, have had this to say about me – from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

If you want to find out more about what I might be like to work with, then I suggest you also read some of my blog articles.

They’ll give you a good idea of how I think, and what new business advice I wish I had been given when I started out in the world of sales and marketing eleven years ago. And what I can do for you.


What I don’t do (but my wonderful network does)

Finally I’d like to explain to you what I don’t personally do, but can get done for you or alongside you using a network of lovely people and businesses that I’ve worked with over the years, come to know very well, and trust to do the job right.

  • Branding, creative and graphic design
  • Website branding, design and development
  • Production of marketing collaterals
  • Content generation, professional copywriting and blogging (I write all my own web and blog copy, and some topline copy for clients, but far better writers than I do the rest…)
  • Telemarketing, direct lead generation and appointment setting
  • Social media specialists – Facebook, Adwords, LinkedIn
  • SEO (content and technical)

Well, that’s me and my network. Maybe speak to you soon.